Thursday, July 23, 2015

Squish, Squash, Splat!

A poem: 

No one likes him 
he's quite the horror
I want to squish him
He's the squash vine borer 
                                                                  - Bryon Reiger2015

Recently we discovered squash vine borers in our precious pumpkin vines. These little guys are sneaky and it's hard to see them coming. Also, once they are in your plants it's likely that they will overwinter in your soil and be ready to munch on your vines next season! Resilient little monsters. Here's how you get rid of them! 

Get your tools together (see below) gloves if you don't like their ooey gooey ick to get on your hands, a knife for gently opening the vine and scissors for cutting the leaves that have wilted. Naturally, iced coffee is always a tool for the early morning garden crew. 

Gently open the vine where you see a split or borer waste. GET IT! Pluck em right out of the vine and then squish! No vine borer left behind. It's important to be thorough.  
 Here's a picture of Suzanne finding the little monsters, she's the most thorough of them all. 

Lastly, bury the vine where the stem is split and top it with rich compost. Be sure to keep these areas moist as the plant heals. 

We do not use chemicals on our field at Garden on Marais so to avoid the same destruction next season we will not plant vining crops in these beds. 

 For you, a follow-up photo of our happy pumpkin vines 

Here's to pumpkin pies and jack o lanterns! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Liberty Church March 2015

Liberty Church returned this year to help us prepare garden beds for spring and summer! This dynamic group of youth and adults worked hard to prep the 4-H garden club space as well as build out the right side of the field to be prepped for fall this year. Thanks so much, Liberty Church, for your encouragement, your child-like faith, and commitment to working with Garden on Marais.

UCF March 2015

This krewe from University of Central Florida knows how to turn anything into fun!  They worked diligently with us on the garden preparing vegetable beds and filling in low spots on site, despite the grey skies and air thick with water. During the rainy days they worked inside our warehouse building to organize and prepare the space for summer use. A big thanks goes to this joyful bunch! We hope to see you again next year.

Here we grow again!

Greetings ya'll! The spring has been very rainy thus far, but our veggies have outlasted the torrential pours. Below you will see a cucumber plant, radish tops and squash blossoms. Can't wait to crunch on some of 
these fresh veggies! 

Stay tuned for updates from the garden. We are looking forward to a delicious summer! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


The possibilities are endless with our new deck at Garden on Marais! There's been talk of cajun zydeco dance lessons, outdoor theater productions, cooking demos from garden to grill, as well as functioning as a shade structure so folks can take a break from the intense heat while working on Marais. 
We are in the dog days of summer, but this group of folks from Santa Rosa, CA endured the sun and heat to finish our beautiful deck! A big thanks to Doug Webb and his hard working crew! 

Above:  A before photo @ the entrance to the garden

Below: Doug and his team finishing up the deck

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Days

Here's what's happening on Marais! Tomatoes galore, sunshiney faces, and the basil is thriving!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer is Upon us

We've been busy on Marais! Below you will see that the hoop 
house has been clothed with shade and our basil is producing!

Pictured above are a few little ladies adopting a bean 
at our farmers market table. We have been tabling weekly
to promote our up and coming summer 
kids club!