Helping Hands

Last week three different crews from different parts of the country with hearts to serve and hands to help worked with us on Marais. We accomplished so much in so little time! 

A crew from Indiana raked and sifted the soil, tilled by our tractor, to remove grass, root systems, large rocks and odds and ends. We even found a shoe! 

A second crew from Pennsylvania cleared trees to make way for our compost deliveries, designed and constructed a compost bin, and filled the space with joy and singing while serving.

The last crew, a group of folks from Alabama worked on weed removal and replaced the weed barrier. (picture to come)

To each one of you that served this past week, thank you.

 Keep on prayin for rain! 

 Here is a group photo of the Indiana and Pennsylvania crews 

Sam (team PA) and Pastor Larry giving a big thumbs up to the camera

Team PA learning the basics of masonry while installing the compost bin

Team PA taking a quick break, he pushed them up this ramp!


  1. Looks like a lot of people doing great work! I am an avid gardener and would be interested in helping, who should I contact?

    1. You can email us here,, look forward to hearing from you!


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