Sing Along

It started with a dream and a yearning for simplicity. A few years ago the Elan Ministries staff gathered around the table as we often do to dream, pray, and fellowship. Inspired by our neighbors and a book we'd been studying together, we began to discuss the possibility of a community center and garden. At the close of our meeting we thanked God for His provision and trusted His spirit for guidance. Two years later, but who's counting, this dream is forming into a reality. The passion for accessible nutrient rich foods, a peace in our community, and the restoration of our land still burns bright.

We hope to honor our Lord with our methods of growing, teaching, harvesting and gleaning.

Stay tuned for additional thoughts on the Biblical support for redemption of land, community, and humankind. And most certainly keep your eyes peeled for updates on the status of Garden on Marais.

Help us to sing along, a new redemption song.