Makin' Dirt

"They're making more people every day, but they aint makin any more dirt." -Will Rogers

Did you know in about seventy years, if we continue to use the same agricultural processes, all of our top soil resources will be depleted? This. is.not.good. Being a wise steward of what we have been given includes considering generations to come, no?

Last Wednesday a handful of us met at the garden site to construct a compost bin! Why? To make more dirt! With about eight wooden pallets, some nails,screws, and the handi-work of neighbors and friends we were able to build a sound structure in no time.

This day was the highlight of my week. Ron Dufor brought a pot of soup and Sister Betty sang us a few songs. Little Harmony rode around in the wheel barrow and played with the pups while her mama, aunt, and uncle worked diligently to clean up grass clippings, to later be poured into the bin. Trevor came by to catch some of the action on film, which you will be able to view soon. A few neighbors visited and expressed their enthusiasm about Garden on Marais. The 'Elan team was present, problem solving, and working hard. And lastly a lady in red brought her mad shoveling skills and garden experience. For all of you I am thankful. We are once again, one step closer.

With dirt in my fingerprints and a smile upon my lips,

Kayla Marie