Black and Gold

I recently attended a vermicompost workshop at HollyGrove Market and Farm led by the lovely Lena Tenenbaum. Vermicompost is simply another form of composting with the inclusion of worms.Lena has a love for worms and shared valuable information. One of the first things she said to the group with a smile on her face, "Worms are amazing, they breathe through their skin. So, it is important that we wet our hands before touching them."

Why is it that keeping a colony of worms on our homestead is a great idea? There are numerous reasons,one of the most beneficial being the waste that they produce after eating your kitchen scraps. Many gardeners refer to it as black gold. I'm not sure if these red wigglers are Saints fans, but they are surely on the defense for your home garden. The waste they produce after noshing on your left-over food material acts as a natural pest deterrent when placed in your garden!

Vermicomposting is also something you can do on a very small scale, which is nice for those of you who live in small spaces.

If you are interested in starting your own worm farm Lena recommended a book entitled, Worms Eat my Garbage, author being Mary Appelhof.

Happy Composting!

Kayla Marie