How's it Growin'?

Here are some of the plants growing on Marais! 
ladybird meet cosmo, cosmo meet ladybird! 
we are happy to see lady bugs in the garden. they are beneficial insects and can eat of to 50 aphids a day 

this here is nasturtium. it's gorgeous, serves as a ground cover and is edible! a recent visitor to the garden described the bold flowers taste like this, " oh! it taste like apple. wait, it's so spicy, yum!" nasturtium is a great addition to salads. they're also an irresistible snack while working in the garden.

 we've got about 300 babies in the hoop house right now. above is a close up of spinach below you'll see some broccoli starts! 

this lil babe is calendula, another edible flower. it is commonly used in tea, skin care products, and to heal open wounds

Thanks for stopping by, just keep growing!